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Teaching Our Children

I recently had a conversation with my best friend that inspired me so much I just had to write an article and share it with you all. We are all aware of our current water situation and most of us are doing ‘our bit’ but there is always more we can do. My girlfriend recently […]

Teaching Your Pet

Many people want the best for their animals, trying to get them to go to canine obedience, dog daycare, and pet stylists but the best things you can do to teach your animal is to teach them your self because after all you want them to obey you and not necessarily someone else which could […]

Skype Call Recorder and Skype video recorder

Skype is a site where people can connect regardless of the distance apart. With Skype, one can send texts; make voice recordings and videos or chat. This makes it simple for Skype users to share experiences with friends and families wherever they are. This is possible and easy especially with the installation of a Skype […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Skype for Business

3 Things You Need to Know About Skype for Business Microsoft recently provided a preview of three of their new Skype for business services. Celebrated for making long distance relationships more manageable, Skype will soon take your professional meetings and collaborations to the next level. Read more on Clapway Parenting over Skype: 7 lessons from […]

Kadenze launches online education platform for creative arts courses

Kadenze launches online education platform for creative arts courses Its platform, which launches today, aims to become a hub for online courses in art, design, music and other disciplines underrepresented online. Those courses have proven challenging to teach to an audience in dozens, let alone the hundreds or … Read more on Inside Higher Ed […]

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5B in Cash

In a landmark deal, Microsoft Corp. has acquired internet phone company Skype Technologies SA, reps for both the companies announced Tuesday. Placing its biggest bet yet, the Redmond software giant paid $ 8.5 billion in cash to buy VoIP provider Skype Global. Rumors were rampant recently that Skype was in the sights of search engine […]

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