Archive | April, 2016

From activism to journalism

From activism to journalism From the day I arrived in Berlin, I remained closely engaged with the political developments in Azerbaijan, sharing my observations and views mostly on two websites, “” and “”. The administrators of these websites were eventually … Read more on Huffington Post Technical Instructor Experience in web casting platforms like Skype, WebEx, […]

How Microsoft Will Change Skype by batteryfast

Lots of questions still surround Microsoft’s $ 8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. Did Microsoft pay too much? What does this mean for Skype’s competitors? And how will the software giant change the VOIP service we know and love? After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Skype CEO Tony Batesdiscussed the deal with the press, we have a better […]

Use Video Conference Technology For Your Long Distance Communication Needs

The video conference is an innovative technology that enables face-to-face communication from any location in the world without the need to travel. It allows real time exchange of video and audio using high-definition camera, microphones, computers, or television monitor. Fast broadband width represents the major component required for perfect voice and picture streaming. The technology […]

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