Archive | June, 2016

Developments In Internet Marketing

The internet has opened the world up to marketing at a click of a button and thanks to its fast pace, it’s evolving at a rate of knots!  If you want to get your business, product and voice heard then one of the quickest ways is via the net. Companies are always looking for new […]

The Teaching Programme

This EAP programme was a theme-based course of up to 19 contact hours per week.1 Fourteen of those hours were with the main class teacher, three with a co-teacher, and two with an elective teacher. Every class shared common features, including work on study themes, preparation for and review of a weekly guest lecture, and […]

Teaching Fiber Arts

In teaching knitting, crochet and tatting, I always tell my students that there’s really no wrong way to do things as long as it comes out looking like it should. While I still hold this to be a true statement, when on the teaching end of the needle/hook/tatting shuttle or needle, it is important to […]

Facebook, Skype teaming up against Google+

Social networking giant Facebook seems to be gearing up to launch ‘something awesome’ this week, in partnership with Skype. The public has been left in the dark concerning what this something might be, but many speculates that it has something to do with another way to contact friends – video chat. What convinced media and […]

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