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Carter Hargrave is known in the martial arts circles as the master of Jeet Kune Do. Jeet Kune Do or JKD as its often referred to is the most effective self defense art no matter what your experience is in the martial arts. Carter Hargrave learned his JKD from an original student at the Bruce Lee school in California. Bruce Lee coined the name for this art in 1962 when he became winded during an exhibition match where it took him almost two minutes to subdue his opponent. Lee found that his training to that point in the traditional martial arts had failed him miserably, and that a new distinctive approach would be needed if he was to shorten the time in fights or in matches of any sort.

Jeet Kune Do / JKD while being founded by Lee has not been widely taught to the public due to the fact that so few teachers existed. When Carter Hargrave became certified to teach by his instructor there were less than fifty teachers worldwide who taught the original art. It is also a little known fact that at one point the original art of Lee was on the verge of complete extinction. Only a handful of teachers were still around and none taught for a living. Most of those who did teach did so out of back rooms or out of their garages. You could only find them by word of mouth.

Carter Hargrave began his training in the art of Jeet Kune Do in the early nineteen nineties in a small town quite some distance from where he had been living. Hargrave began teaching as an apprentice instructor soon after starting as he was progressing rapidly through the ranks. HIs teacher noticed his ability and drive and soon opened a small school to further his training and abilities to teach other students.

In 1994 Carter Hargrave had been teaching for several years and decided to upscale his teaching environment. He opened the largest Jeet Kune Do school in the history of Oklahoma. Hargrave found that his love of teaching that had sustained him for so long had now taken a back seat to the business world. He found that teaching was the least thing that he did. It was all about the bottom line and advertising and a bunch of other non martial arts related minutia that he found distasteful. He also found that he was accepting the same quality of students that all of the other martial arts schools in town. If you had a checkbook and a heartbeat you were in.

After three years of doing business like every other Sensei, Carter Hargrave said that is enough and closed his two schools. Carter Hargrave then decided to change things from a public school to a private school where students had to apply for his lessons and to pass background checks to eliminate the violent and habitual criminals. He now taught only those he wished, and students now had to prove their desire to be a student. Hargrave Martial Arts systems was molded exactly the way Carter Hargrave had envisioned.

Carter Hargrave is a native Oklahoman. He began his martial arts training at age seven from martial arts master Lou Angel. Get more information on Carter Hargrave JKD.

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