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Assistant Language Teaching

After coming to Japan to support England at the 2002 World Cup (that’s soccer for anyone who doesn’t know the world sport!) I knew that I wanted to experience more of what the country had to offer. Returning to England I soon quit my job, enrolled in a teacher training course at International House in […]

Learn Ukulele Teaching Methods

When you are learning how to play the ukulele you need to follow the proper teaching methods and learn how to tune the instrument. Without proper tuning, you will just be making noise. Just as if you were to play any other instrument you will have to learn how to play and enjoy the instrument. […]

Songs For Teaching Anything

We all still enjoy singing the ‘oldie goldies’, which, for some reason seem to have a sticking power that carries down through the generations. Many of those old songs are often relegated strictly to music class for the younger set. However, with a little creative thinking, they can be mined for the content of their […]

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