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One Problem With Online Education

In a few years of experience in the creation, management and educational virtual classroom tutoring, or better known as Virtual Learning Environments, I found a problem common to all: high levels of desertion and absenteeism among students. In a physical classroom in an educational institution, rarely reaches levels that are 10% in the dropout rate […]

Google enters call centre business with Avaya-equipped Chromebooks

Google enters call centre business with Avaya-equipped Chromebooks "Unlike Skype it is peer-to-peer. [For a user in Australia] none of the traffic goes outside Australia so there will be no data sovereignty issues," he said. "And the video, the audio and the data are all encrypted." Matula said the contact centre … Read more on […]

Online CNA Education

  Learning from on line sources is one of the greatest centers for CNA education. The CNA curriculum today reflects the view that not everyone may be engaged in class work. If you think of getting into the health care profession, you will normally begin by envisaging how you are going to study. Whatever the […]

Alternatives To Skype

Video calling is a technological advancement that has made communication way easier for many people. In this way, you get to speak with a person from a hundred or so miles away through the Internet. What is better is that you also get to see that person, and vice versa, through streaming videos while your […]

Online education run amok

Online education run amok Massive open online courses, first envisioned as a way to democratize higher education, have made their way into high schools, but Washington is powerless to stop the flood of personal data about teenage students from flowing to private companies … Read more on Politico Online education offers opportunities, raises concerns There […]

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