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Teaching Your Baby to Read

Recently it came to my notice that Physical Therapist Dr. Glenn Dorman has celebrated his ninetieth birthday. His book, “How to Teach Your Baby to Read,” co-athored with Janet Dorman over forty years ago, started a whole new approach to teaching reading to the very young. It all began while Glenn Dorman was teaching brain […]

Unconventional communication methods: funny videos

The internet itself was considered, in its early life, an unconventional communication method, which later proved to be only the avant-garde of a panoramic vision comprising quite a lot of word-spreading channels, the most frequent being the blogs, the forums, the messenger services and, lately, communication through funny pictures and funny videos. A great number […]

The Future of Mobile Communication

Thanks to new technology that incorporates many types of communication into one device, people all over the world are now more organized then ever. Many phones now have full web integration, which includes the ability to view web pages on their phone and log in capabilities to use an instant messenger program. Cell phones began […]

MBA Study Abroad and India – Online and Distance Education Scope

Master in Business Application (MBA) is the most popular program in today’s professional education tracks. MBA hopefuls expend their days and nights laboring hard to safe a place in a reputed MBA institute such as, IIMs. To get admission in top MBA School in India is a vision of each student for which mba entrance […]

What Are You Teaching People?

People live what they have learned . . . If children live with criticism, they learn to criticize. What does this mean to you as an adult? If you have lived, and are living, with criticism, what is in your mind? Criticism. What will come out of your mind? Criticism. What if you are happy? […]

SIP Trunking and Your Communication Needs

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports the popular Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP. What is SIP, and how does it work? SIP trunks are used by businesses who desire to use their IP-PBX as an external as well as an internal communications device. Whenever you want to call someone who is not located within your […]

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