Macbook Hard Disk Drive Replacement And Latest Developments

Replacing the hard disk drive of a MacBook with a higher capacity and faster one can improve the performance in most cases. Luckily, it is very easy to upgrade a hard disk drive on a MacBook.

Irrespective of your ultimate choice of the hard disk upgrade, be sure that you get a USB powered hard disk enclosure as well. This will enable you to make good use of your old hard disk. USB enclosures have the ability to turn a hard disk drive into a portable external drive. Also, they are very affordable.

However, history was made last month when Apples CEO, Steve Jobs, launched the latest, slimmer version of the MacBook Air with a record thickness of 0.11 inch at its thinnest point. The new MacBook is an ultra-portable laptop without a traditional hard disk drive. The laptop, the thinnest introduced so far by any company, was dubbed by Steve Jobs as the future of notebooks. The laptop features NAND flash Technology in the form of Solid State Drives (SSD) which has been put as a challenge to the hard disk drive technology.

According to analysts, the NAND flash will eventually be embedded in the motherboards of computers and will reduce the bottleneck between the computers processor and the mass storage device. However, the introduction of the new SSD technology also means some cannibalization of existing Apple laptops.

SSDs may be more expensive than traditional hard disk drives; though basic SSDs of the order of 64GB are affordable and provide plenty of storage capacity for the average user.

Also, traditional MacBook hard disk drives increased in capacity to the range of terabytes but less data is stored on laptops these days since people tend to store almost everything online.

Experts are now questioning whether the new MacBook Air is an omen of the end of the hard drives era and most, to say the least, are optimistic.

Before closing my article, I want to mention again that you may need to upgrade your MacBook hard disk and it can be done easily.

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