Use Video Conference Technology For Your Long Distance Communication Needs

The video conference is an innovative technology that enables face-to-face communication from any location in the world without the need to travel. It allows real time exchange of video and audio using high-definition camera, microphones, computers, or television monitor. Fast broadband width represents the major component required for perfect voice and picture streaming. The technology is applicable not only for conversations but also to share any type of document or application. The interface technique is considered appealing to the banking, health, business, and educational sectors.


Telepresence conferencing facilitates conducting an actual meeting with people based in varying geographical areas. It involves the use of high-definition audio and flat panel large size screens that give a virtual feel of a group meeting. The other affordable type is integrated room system which is increasingly favored in board or class rooms with several participants.  The hardware is positioned in a centralized location while the setup that comprises of main camera and displays is mounted in the discussion area.

On the other hand, there are desktop video conference systems preferred by small businesses or for personal use at home. It helps to deliver full-motion video and audio conferencing from the personal computer. Similarly, there are set top units designed to be placed on a monitor. It is highly portable and can be rolled around on a cart from room to room.


To schedule a meeting, a user will initially need to hold an account with providers like Skype, Adobe, Cisco, or Tandberg. The account details can be accessed at the provider’s website wherein information related to participant names, discussion start time, and end time needs to be added. Following this, emails can be sent out to invitees to participate in the meeting. The conference room site can also be included for members to join in the conversation as a whole group. For more privacy, a unique password can be set up for members to input the details before gaining access to the conference.


This communication technology is straightforward and can be used for business or personal requirements at any time of the day or night. It allows faster interaction with one or more individuals from different sites on a single issue. It is more effective than phone calls and enables participants to record live conversations for future use. The technology helps businesses to save time and eliminate travel costs to a large extent.

Besides this, it aids firms to market products and services from the convenience of sitting in an office. It is also beneficial to hold online training or conduct interviews avoiding the need to recruit additional staff. In addition, it is useful for customers to obtain replies on various queries without any time lag. It can thus be regarded that the video conference is a cost effective means of communication.

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