World Renowned Scientist Hosts Interactive Skype Event to Discuss His New Course on Subtle Energy

White City, OR (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

For the first time ever, an in depth class on the applicable practices of Subtle Energy is available to students worldwide. The new online course, Subtle Energy 101: Understanding the Foundation of Energy Medicine, will be released in April 2015 bringing growing minds the revolutionary thought processes of world renowned scientist and inventor Dr. Kronn. This is the first time in history that Dr. Kronn will be teaching his strategies and the depths of his knowledge on subtle energy, a subject in which he has 30 years’ experience. The course is part of the Quantum University’s curriculum, qualifies for continuing education credits and is open to non-registered scholars interested in this topic. Upon completion of the Subtle Energy 101 course, students, practitioners, and participants of all kinds will clearly understand what Subtle Energy is and how to apply their new found knowledge to improve their businesses and lives in general.

“Of all the people working on subtle energy, Dr Yury Kronn has a depth of understanding beyond anyone else” Stated Claude Swanson, author of Life Force, Scientific Basis.

To kick start this new educational opportunity on subtle energy, Dr. Kronn will be available for a live, interactive, Skype discussion on April 18th as part of Quantum’s Live TV. The live broadcast will be a chance to glimpse Kronn’s extensive understanding of subtle energy and a rare chance to discuss this topic with the expert himself. Beginning at 12pm, noon PST, the two hour event will feature Dr. Kronn discussing subtle energy and his upcoming class followed by a second interactive hour for questions and comments. All are welcome to join this rare opportunity to chat with Dr. Kronn as this is open to the public. To gain a deeper insight into subtle energy and register for this unique free, visit Quantum World TV at and log in on April 18th to join the live Subtle Energy Skype broadcast.

With a PhD in physics, Dr. Kronn is the leader in understanding subtle energy and has taken his 30 plus years of knowledge on the subject and turned it from theory to applied science and application resulting in a successful business,Vital Force Technology, which currently assists clients worldwide, not only in the medical field but with manufacturing and agriculture needs as well. The book Kronn wrote 30 years ago on laser optics is still the definitive source used even today by colleges across the country. Recruited by Quantum University to teach a class specific subtle energy, Kronn developed the curriculum for Subtle Energy 101: Developing a Clear, Cohesive and Practical Understanding of the Foundation of Energy Medicine.

To learn more about this course or to register, go to or Discounts are offered to those who register for the course during the month of April. To learn more about Vital Force Technology or how subtle energy applications can benefit your business, visit or call 800. 341.7458

About Vital Force Technology

Vital Force Technology (VFT) is the leader in infusion technology with 15 years’ experience, clients around the globe and scientific research supporting the effectiveness of services offered. Provided are a range of innovative energetic signature formulas and product infusion services, which benefit wellness, personal care, animal care and agriculture markets. VFT’s technology and infusion process supports increased product effectiveness, maximizes bio-energetics in product ingredient formulations, and offers innovative solutions with competitive advantages to many industries. Headquartered in White City, Oregon, this family built business has become a global market leader in bio-energetic ingredients and infusion technology. For more information about Vital Force™ Technology, visit

About Quantum University

Quantum University is the world’s largest institution of higher learning to provide degrees and certification programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine based on the new emerging science of quantum physics. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine or IQUIM the Quantum University is a Degree Granting Institution established in 2002 that now serves over eight thousand students in fifty one countries all over the world. Quantum University was founded to meet the need to offer bachelor, master, doctorate and PhD degrees in holistic, alternative, natural and integrative medicine based on the integration of quantum physics and consciousness to natural medicine. Students are offered health classes, certification courses, and degree program in an affordable iPad and/or online learning environment in order to receive the know-how and credentials necessary to become leaders in the natural health and wellness industries. We invite you to join our existing students and graduates who have already taken advantage of this educational opportunity, gaining the knowledge, skills, and credentials to become respected health practitioners in an exciting and meaningful career. (

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